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As an approved aviation organization, our core expertise lies in the design, production and certification of aviation equipment and systems, with a specific focus on applications in air rescue and the commercial sector. We prioritize quality and safety and ensure that all our products adhere to the highest certification standards.

Our mission is to deliver tailor-made solutions that precisely align with your unique requirements, starting from the initial concept, through the design phase, all the way to a seemless integration. With us, you will find a one-stop solution for all your aviation equipment and system needs.

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What's new?

Training certification specifications for small aircrafts (CS 23/27) and helicopters (CS 27)

SPAES GmbH & Co. KG carried out a training of certification specifications CS 23 for small aircrafts and CS 27 for small helicopters. Part of the training were the reference to the agency documents and their accompanying paragraphs. “We applied the necessary verification processes to individual paragraphs. Furthermore, the relevant compliance verification documents and tests […]

Tactical System Removal from Airbus Helicopters BK 117 C2

For restoring the original state of an Airbus Helicopter BK 117 C2 SPAES GmbH & Co. KG carried out the removal of a tactical system with a customer. Various structural parts were manufactured and installed to close the existing cable breaks. “The existing devices and installation housings were removed and the associated wiring and connectors […]

New Cabin Interior for Airbus helicopter AS 350

SPAES GmbH & Co. KG issued for the transport of VIP passengers a Minor Change for new cabin interior in an Airbus helicopter AS 350. The selected materials of the interior equipment are aviation certified and meet the specifications of the fire safety regulations. An aviation saddler has implemented the renewal of seat covers, carpet, […]