Installation of Iridium antenna in aircraft Piper PA 46-350P

For a private customer, SPAES installed an Iridium antenna in an aircraft Piper PA 46-350P.

SPAES installed for a private customer an Iridium antenna in a Piper PA46-350P. The antenna was mounted above a cutout on the pressurized cabin of the aircraft. For assembly a doppler consisting of conducting material was mounted at the inner side, on which the antenna was installed at the upper outer edge. “After installation SPAES performed a strength verification for the pressurized cabin of the aircraft. According to verification SPAES determined if the antenna was mounted firmly and if the aircraft can be operated safely”, explains Joachim Kies, Head of Operational Business SPAES.

Communication with Iridium is generally practicable from all over the earth with free sight to the sky. Global reception is possible by the Iridium satellite network.

Iridium is a global satellite communication system existing of 66 active satellites on six orbits and one or more additional reserve satellites per orbit. Originally there were 77 satellites planned for this constellation. This is why the system is named after the chemical element Iridium.

For installation SPAES issued an EASA Supplement Type Certificate (STC). Therefore the necessary installation and verification documents were prepared.


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