Installation of Wrapping Film in an AS 332 Super Puma

SPAES recently completed a Minor Change for a customer. This change involved applying wrapping film to a previously plain white AS 332 Super Puma. With the “Firecat” paint scheme, the customer highlights their skills in aerial firefighting operations. The updated appearance not only catches the eye but also meets safety standards set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The modification began with the application of lettering on the AS 332 helicopter, followed by the addition of the FireCat Motive. The foil was removed in specific areas of the aircraft, including window sections and moving parts like doors. This process has been conducted with precision and considered every aspect of safety and design. Furthermore, a Fire Test Certificate for the Motiv was obtained as part of this modification.

It is planned to apply this Wrapping Film to more helicopters in the future. The Minor Change has been designed to include a palette of 16 different colors. This strategic decision allows the customer to easily customize the colors of their helicopters in the future. This is especially important as there are plans for additional helicopters to be introduced in the future so the customer can choose from a variety of colours.

The Minor Change was done in the EASA Part21J Design Organization of SPAES. Applying the wrapping film was carried out in the customer’s own Part145 Maintenance Organisation.

Since SPAES´ founding in 2014, SPAES performed 550+ Minor Changes for different kinds of aircraft.


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