Design and Manufacturing of an Instrument Panel Overlay for an Airbus H125

SPAES creates custom instrument panel overlays using composite materials

In a recent project, SPAES designed and approved an Instrument Panel Overlay in an Airbus H125 helicopter. For the customer it was crucial that the cockpit is modernized but without the time and expense of completely redoing the panel.

First, the individual display instruments are used to take the panel’s measurements. Then, with consideration for parallax, the prototype was constructed accordingly in coordination with the customer. The Instrument panel cover is produced using different composite materials such as glass fiber or carbon fiber. The appearance of the surface can be adjusted by coating in different colors.

In the next step, the installation documentation was created in its own EASA Part 21J Design Organization. After completing the installation tests, the documentation was finalized and the installation’s Minor Change was issued.

The panel was created together with experts from the Part 145 Maintenance Organization. The H125 panel is available with the EASA Form 1 or CoC. Additionally, labeling or lightning can be included as well.

SPAES offers instrument panel overlays for a variety of aircraft to update their panel to the modern look.


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