Installation FLARM Collision Avoidance System in Bell 214

SPAES is proud to announce the successful installation of a FLARM collision avoidance system in a Bell 214 helicopter for a customer.

The FLARM (FLight AlARM) system is an innovative collision avoidance technology specifically designed for aviation. It utilizes advanced electronic devices and intelligent algorithms to provide pilots with real-time alerts about potential aircraft conflicts, even in areas with limited radar coverage. By integrating the FLARM system into the Bell 214, SPAES has significantly enhanced the helicopter’s safety profile, particularly during operations in high-traffic airspace.

Two FLARM antennas have been strategically positioned to maximize signal reception and transmission. The installation process involved the integration of FLARM avionics into the existing avionics suite of the Bell 214 helicopter. In close collaboration with the customer a seamless integration with the aircraft’s existing systems and interfaces was ensured. Various testing procedures were conducted to validate the system’s functionality and performance, meeting the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements.

The FLARM system provides numerous benefits to the operators of the Bell 214 helicopter. Firstly, it enhances the situational awareness of pilots, allowing them to detect nearby aircraft even in challenging visibility conditions. Additionally, the FLARM system aids in the prevention of mid-air collisions by providing visual and audible alerts, alerting pilots to potential conflicts and enabling them to take evasive action promptly.

“Installing the FLARM collision avoidance system in the Bell 214 helicopter not only elevates safety measures but also instills confidence and reassurance among pilots and operators. ,” said Joachim Schanz, CEO of SPAES.


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