NVIS Certification of preinstalled Flight Data Recording and Transmitting Unit in EC 135

We successfully completed a NVIS certification for the preinstalled Flight Data Recording and Transmitting Unit in an EC 135 for a customer. The comprehensive NVIS ground test encompassed evaluating instrument and display readability in a wide range of daytime environmental conditions.

SPAES ensured that all critical information remained highly visible and legible to pilots and crew members during daylight operations, enhancing overall visibility and bolstering safety measures.To provide accurate assessments under varying light intensities, the ground evaluation setup created a controlled environment completely sealed off from external light sources. This realistic testing scenario produced reliable results that precisely mirrored real-world conditions, guaranteeing optimal system performance.

SPAES went further by conducting evaluations of instrument and display readability during unaided night conditions. The objective was to ensure that vital information remained easily readable without relying on Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). This comprehensive assessment enhances performance during nighttime operations, empowering pilots to make confident decisions in low-light environments.

In a step to maintain situational awareness during night-time operations, SPAES conducted a meticulous focus evaluation of Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). The aim was to ensure clear and focused imagery, enabling pilots to navigate with heightened safety and operational capabilities in low-light conditions.

Moreover, SPAES assessed the compatibility of Night Vision Goggles with the aircraft’s cockpit lighting. By identifying and addressing any potential issues, SPAES enhanced the safety and operational capabilities for pilots using NVGs, ensuring readability of instruments and displays without compromise.”This successful certification underscores SPAES’ commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering excellence in performance, readability, and compatibility. “, says Joachim Schanz, CEO of SPAES.


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